How to put or upload SWF flash on YouTube for Mac users

Some friends who have fun from creating their own animations with Pencil desire to upload the finished work to Youtube for share; while others who enjoying making video by Jing also expect to post the created videos to Youtube for more praise. Unfortunately, those animations and videos created by Pencil or Jing can not be accepted by Youtube though they are also flash.

The reason lies in the differences between flash SWF and FLV. As a matter of fact, Youtube love flash video only FLV at current, however videos made by Pencil or Jing are often saved as SWF format. Therefore, you are essential to convert SWF to FLV if you want to upload SWF files from Pencil or Jing to Youtube.

SWF to Youtube Converter for Mac is an ideal shareware to convert SWF to FLV for Youtube on Mac. SWF to Youtube converter for Mac easily convert SWF to FLV without lose quality. The feature of SWF to FLV Converter for Mac is that it not only turn SWF file from PC to FLV, but also convert on-line SWF to FLV after auto-snatch at specific video as long as a web address of SWF is provided for this program.

Step by step to guide: How to convert SWF to FLV for Youtube on Mac

At the beginning, please make sure to download, install and run software SWF to Youtube Converter for Mac.
Step 1. Import SWF file to program with Mac SWF Converter

Step 2. Set output format as FLV

set swf to youtube flv

Step 3. Start converting SWF to FLV on Mac

converting swf to flv

Step 4. Set a destination for output FLV file

locate flv for youtube

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