SWF to Sony Tablet S converter for mac

The Sony Tablet S is an Android tablet with a quirky, lightweight design that will appeal to some. Sony Tablet is designed to ergonomically fit your hand and shift its weight closer to your palm, making it feel lighter and more comfortable while reading and watching on the move. Its unique design also provides a more natural angle for typing and browsing while sitting down.

Unlike most other models it has a 9.4-inch screen. Plus, the Tablet S is the only tablet to have a built-in infrared transceiver for use with a universal remote control app that’s compatible with loads of audiovisual devices. And with 1280 x 800 pixels resolution Sony Tablet supports you watching HD videos on it. Thus, some Tablet S owners can’t wait to watch their favorite SWF movie on it. Whereas, there still exist some troubles that Sony Tablet S cannot support playing SWF movies directly that it just supports achingly few video formats: H.264, H.263, MPEG 4, and WMV.

Luckily, this article will give you an easy solution. SWF to Sony Tablet S converter for mac is specially designed for Sony series Tablet which can help to convert SWF file to Sony Tablet S compatible format like MPEG-4, H.264 for playing on Sony Tablet S. Besides, the best mac lion SWF to Sony Tablet S converter can enable you to adjust video resolution, frame rate, bitrate to keep a smashing video quality with a best watching effect. Thus, you can freely play SWF movies on Sony Tablet S in high quality.

Step 1: Add SWF file to the software
Download and install SWF to Sony Tablet S converter mac software and it provides two options to add SWF file.
Select file: if you have the SWF file on desktop, please click “select file” to import the SWF file from your Mac.
Grab file: If you want to add SWF files from website such as YouTube, Hulu, etc, you can click “Grab SWF”, paste the URL and click “Download SWF”.
add SWF file add SWF file

Step2: Set Sony Tablet S MP4 output format.
Click the small arrow of “Profile” then pop out a window, go to “Common Video”>”MP4″, the output MP4 video can be playback on Sony Tablet S freely and efficiently.

Step 3: Start Conversion
Follow the above interface to hit “Next” to enter the following window and then click the button “Finish” to begin to convert SWF to Sony Tablet S on mac lion.

add SWF to Sony Tablet S

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