SWF to QuickTime X converter for mac

Apple has described QuickTime X as a new version of its media software due to ship with Mac OS X 10.7 Lion that “optimizes support for modern audio and video formats resulting in extremely efficient media playback. QuickTime X, as the new release has been named, follows the theme of Lion by incorporating both refinements and new technologies. QuickTime player has a new interface that simplifies playback and new capabilities that enhance performance and allow you to create and share video content.

In addition, QuickTime X takes advantage of OS X’s ColorSync technology to provide high-quality color reproduction during playback and when sharing media to your iPhone, iPod, or Apple TV. Core Audio, Core Video, and Core Animation all come into play to provide the highest possible video quality and eye-catching interface effects.

I recently used QuickTime X on Mac OS X 10.7 Lion, and would like to upload the SWF files to Mac and preview the home movie; however, QuickTime X does not recognize the SWF video footage.

The workable solution is to convert SWF file to MOV mac with third party software perfect synchronization. If you have purchased QuickTime X and have difficulties playing SWF files on QuickTime X, SWF to QuickTime X converter for mac is recommended as QuickTime X converter which can convert SWF to MOV for playback on QuickTime X on Mac OS X Lion. Of course, you can also set video resolution, encoder, frame rate, bit rate to keep the quality of SWF file.

Three steps to convert SWF file to QuickTime X MOV video format

Step 1: Load SWF file to the SWF to QuickTime X converter for Mac software
Install and run the SWF to MOV Converter for Mac, The software is guaranteed 100% clean, so don’t worry it will brings virus to you mac, there are two options is available for you to choose.
Select file: if you have the SWF file on desktop, please click “select file” to import the SWF file from your Mac.
Grab file: if you need download on-line SWF video, hit “grab file”, then enter the Website which have SWF video in the blank area, click “grab” to load the URL. Next to double click the appear successful loading URL, and then hit “OK”.

import swf file

Step 2: Set QuickTime X MOV output format.
Click the small arrow of “Profile” then pop out a window, go to “Common Video”>”MOV”, and then the output format is customized as MOV successfully.
set output mov

Step 3: Start Conversion
Follow the above interface to hit “Next” to enter the following window and then click the button “Finish” to begin to convert SWF file to QuickTime X.

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