How to convert SWF to FLV on Mac OS

Your private blog on MySpace need display flv video, so you download some good ready-make swf flash and manage to upload it to the page, after you’ve upload the flash to the website, it turns a error as can’t convert the .swf , so it can’t be displayed.

SWF is not only a video, it’s much closer to a program. Therefore SWF movie of some minutes (in duration) may have very small size. At the same time FLV At the same time FLV is just a video, so the longer your movie the bigger its size is. And our most video share website like YouTube, or MySpace’s best uploading format is flv. So it’s necessary to find a useful toolkit to decompile swf flash to flv then it can be uploaded to our website smoothly.
SWF to FLV Converter for Mac is a feature rich and powerful tool SWF to FLV converter, which enables you convert SWF flash into FLV files with good quality and complete elements. Moreover, it can also act as SWF downloader assist you download SWF flash or animation online from a webpage. The tutorial bellow I will show you the details of the versatile toolkit.

Next comes the step-by-step guide: how to convert SWF to FLV with swf Converter for Mac

Step 1: Install and run the SWF Converter for Mac and open to the main interface.

Step 2: Add SWF flash to SWF Converter for Mac
To add downloaded SWF file from PC please click “Select File”;
Need add online SWF file comes from webpage please click “Grab SWF”. Shown the following screenshot:

Step 3: Set FLV as output format.
Click the small arrow of “Proile” then pop out a window, go to “Common Video”->”flv”, then the output format is setted as flv successfully.

Step 4: Add a watermark.
Click the “Crop” option and here you can add an image as your watermark, seen the follow figure.

Step 5: Start Conversion
Follow the above interface to hit “Next” to enter the following window, and click “Start Conversion” to begin converting SWF to FLV.

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