How to Edit images in PDF files on Mac OS X

PDF Editor for Mac also helps you deal with images in PDF files. And this article tells you how to insert, crop, resize, move, or delete images (including graphics and digital signatures) in PDF files on Mac.

Before editing images in PDF files, you can customize the toolbar in order to find the Insert Imageand Crop Image tool quickly. Just click Customize in the toolbar and you’ll see the pop-up window as below:
Customize Toolbar

Drag Insert Image and Crop Image button to the toolbar and click Done button. Now that you can use Insert Image and Crop Image in the toolbar, let’s get started.

Insert Images
Click on the Insert Image on the toolbar, and then you can insert local images to the PDF files.

Insert Image to PDF File

Crop Images
Select an image in a PDF file with Touchup Tool and then click Crop Image in the toolbar, and you can select a portion of the image to crop by dragging the mouse.
Crop Image

Move, Resize and Delete
Choose Touchup Tool on the toolbar, and click on an existing image in the PDF file to select the image. Then if you want to move it, just drag it to other area on the page; to resize it, press and hold the Shift key, use the mouse to drag one of the image’s four corner handles inward or outward to make the image proportionally smaller or larger. By clicking the Delete key, you can quickly delete the selected image.

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