How to convert SWF to QuickTime on Mac OS

How to convert Flash SWF to QuickTime movies on Mac OS X

As small files for displaying entertaining animations, SWF file can be played by the Adobe Flash Player, working either as a browser plug-in or as a standalone player.

And with the available plug-in such as Adobe Flash Player or Adobe Integrated Runtime, we can easily open SWF file in Apple Safari, even many of today’s smart phones support SWF in their web browsers.

How about QuickTime?
But for Apple, they claim that SWF is a closed, proprietary format. As well as Apple’s iPhone didn’t support SWF, when we try to open SWF file on QuickTime the following message will be showed:
“Error-2048: Couldn’t open the file SWF.SWF because it is not a file that QuickTime understands.”

QuickTime used to support swf files limited to SWF version 3 or swf version 5, but it won’t work on newer SWF files such as Macromedia SWF Version 7 or the version above. To solve this problem I’ve downloaded the latest QuickTime Perian 1.2.2 for Mac from but regretfully it won’t work as SWF is also out of Apple’s consideration this time.

Since the Perian can’t assist QuickTime to play SWF smoothly, you are forced to find a useful app to convert SWF to QuickTime MOV and luckily Mac SWF to QuickTime Converter is right one that can achieve it.

How to convert Flash SWF to QuickTime movies on Mac OS X

At the very beginning, you should download and install Mac SWF to MOV Converter.

Step 1: Add SWF file
Click “Select File” button to load .SWF Movie into the program. Alternatively, grab .swf files on the web.

mac swf to mov converter

Step 2: Choose QuickTime MOV as output format
Click the lower right arrow of “Profile” button, roll your mouse to “Common Video”->MOV-“QuickTime (*.MOV) as the output video format.

output swf to mov mac

Step 3: Convert SWF to QuickTime MOV
Hit “Next” for entering the conversion interface, continue to press “Start Conversion” button to begin converting SWF to MOV. Remember to push “Finish conversion” to confirm its ending point.

convert swf to quicktime mac

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