How to play and convert SWF video for iPad 2 on Mac

Flash are so popular on line that most videos as well as games are in flash format. It is very easy to search and download a flash video on Internet. And with a Flash player say well-known Adobe Flash Player installed on Mac OS, we can enjoy the flash video and have fun from the flash game.

However there is no way to play flash on iPad 2 and iPad original, because iPad is incompatible of any flash player. It seems that Apple restrict their portable devices such as iPad 2, iPad original, iPhone, iTouch, etc to play flash files. It is said that Steve Job doesn’t think Apple need a flash hence confine flash in apple portable players. And Apple has already developed another tech to replace flash—– Apple has introduced a new video standard called HTML. So far, some website like Reuters, Vimeo has already take the advantage of HTML5.

No matter what has been done by Apple, problem that iPad 2 can not play Flash still exists. How to play Flash SWF video on iPad 2?

For this question, SWF to iPad Converter for Mac can give you an answer. Convert SWF to iPad loved MP4 is a workable solution for iPad 2. And SWF to iPad 2 Converter for Mac acts excellent to cope with SWF to MP4 conversion on Mac OS.

Note: This version is for Mac OS X, if you are usingĀ Windows OS, please getĀ SWF to iPad Converter

Step by step guide to convert SWF to MP4 for iPad 2 on OS X

At the beginning, please make sure to download, install and run SWF to iPad 2 Converter for Mac.

Step 1. Import SWF file to program Mac SWF Converter for iPad 2

Step 2. Set output format as iPad MP4

set swf to ipad os x

Step 3. Start Conversion
swf to ipad mac

Step 4. Set a destination for output MP4 files

save mp4 for ipad

Note: With Mac SWF to iPad Converter, you even can convert on-line SWF for iPad 2 without download the SWF files in advance. As long as you provide the website which has SWF video on the web page, it can auto-snatch at the SWF file by grab function.

grab and download swf file

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