How to Add Comment to PDF on Mac OS X?

PDF documents are very portable format for sharing textual and graphical data. And we have free and versatile PDF Reader for viewing the PDF files. You might have thought of having some extra-facilities like adding review comments in a PDF document created by a colleague, team member, friend OR highlighting some points in a PDF document for future reference or some presentations.

But unfortunately current version of Adobe reader does not come with these facilities. But we have another PDF tool that provides not only these commenting and highlighting facilities, but also edit functions with its free Beta version. It is Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac. This PDF tool consumes less memory compared to the Adobe Acrobat.

What’s so amazing about Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac?
Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac is an easy-to-use application specially designed for Mac users. It provides tools to enable you freely write your own comments to PDF documents and share the comments with others. It also provides a very convenient way for you to add contents or change the text or add text in any font you like, especially in filling out electronic forms, correct spelling errors, delete words completely and so on. You can save, move, copy, paste, print the added comments and contents and convert PDF format files to Word documents.

With Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac, annotations can also be added in a convenient way. It allowsadding comment to PDF files in a simple step. A PDF file received for review can be opened,commented and even edited in Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac, and then saved back to a PDF file. A PDF document is treated just like a normal printed document. Users could write and draw his ideas and thoughts on the existing PDF document.

Add comment to PDF Files in Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac
Show the Annotate toolbar if it’s hidden. Typically this toolbar shows by default in Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac, but if you don’t see it go to View, Customize Toolbars and drag Annotate to the toolbar.

Access the commenting commands via the sub-menu as an alternative to the toolbar. Select Toolsthen Annotate. Also the Drawing Markup tool is in Annotate tools. This feature is closely related to the comment commands, allowing you to draw shapes and text on a PDF file.

Highlight PDF Text

Step1. Add sticky note comments
The sticky note comment places a yellow “speech bubble” icon in the PDF file. This is the least intrusive way to add comment to a PDF file as it shows only the icon instead of the comment. Click the Sticky Note icon (which looks like a speech bubble) on the Annotate toolbar. Then, click on the location PDF file where you’ll be adding the sticky note and type your text in the dialog that appears.

Add sticky note
Step2. Use the Textbox tool to add text
Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac’s Textbox tool allows you to add text anywhere in the document, in any font or color. It’s particularly useful for writing notes in the margins of a document. Select theTextbox Tool button on the Annotate toolbar and click on the location to add the text. Add comments, hitting the Enter key when you need a new line. This tool is particularly useful for writing notes in the margins of a document.
Add Text with Textbox Tool
Whether you’re a business person who needs a simple solution for editing and modifying PDF files, or an entrepreneur who needs to correct the spell errors, Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac has the functions that could really feed your need.
The Ability to Change Your PDFs

We are so lucky that Mac is born with great free PDF viewer: Preview enable us easily do some simple job on PDF. However, sometimes it is just not enough. Sometimes we do need to edit the text, make annotations or insert images etc. Sure we have Acrobat could help though it is pricy, extremely. But today I would like to share another choice, much cheaper alternative: Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac

So let’s have an assumption: My resume is made months ago, I want to change the photo which was taken years ago. How to change it, since 911 won’t help with this matter? Buddy, that’s Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac could do, nevertheless, that’s not all it does. It has many other great features like Editing PDFs, convert PDF to word and annotate and markup etc; one of which is handing images in PDF.

As said above, we will see how to handle with images in PDF file with Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac.

Insert images, graphics and signatures into PDF files
To insert images into PDF file, firstly you should come to the page you want to insert images to. Select and click insert, then select an image; it could be .png format, .bmp format, .JPG format and .gif format, click Load and the work is done.

Wondershare: The Ability to Change Your PDFs

It is quite easy, right? By simply a few clicks, you would insert graphic and signature to PDF file is exactly the same as inserting an image to PDF file.

Crop, Resize and reposition images in PDF files
Sometimes you will find that some images are so small or so large. To adjust the image size, you can easily crop or resize the images in Photoshop, but that’s impossible to do that when in the PDF file. How to do this unbelievable task? Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac could help.

Crop it:
First of all, you need to click on the middle toolbar icon in the set of 3 icons, and select the cursor with a plus item. Then, just click on an image and click Crop Image on toolbar. A small window will pop up, and you just need to select the wanting area then click ok, finish!
Wondershare: The Ability to Change Your PDFsWondershare: The Ability to Change Your PDFs

Resize and Reposition images in PDF files are also easy tasks in Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac:
Click on the cursor with a plus item and click on an image, now you can move and resize it! This does work for all images in PDF files!
Wondershare: The Ability to Change Your PDFs

Ok, stop laughing at me. At least it looks better than the former one. This article is just a general introduction about the handling image features of Wondershare PDF Editor for Mac, for more information, you can take the following article for reference: The best way to edit PDF text on Mac.

Generally speaking, if you have some spare time to compare the price to something like Acrobat, you will see how substantial of a deal it is, not to mention how much more Mac-like it is and how great its support is. If you work with PDFs at least a few times a month, I highly suggest you should definitely give this a try, and tell us what you think.

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